CEO’s Message

TeaTalk – Pure Ceylon Tea

At TeaTalk our focus extend from including the ‘select best’ quality teas from different regions of Ceylon and innovating fabulous blends that are fun, healthy and tasty!

As a grower and manufacturer of Tea and Spices our Team of Teaologists design many unique varieties of Tea grades and exciting blends which include ingredients ranging from spices, herbs, fruits, coconut, chocolates &Vanilla etc. These different teas and blends are carefully created to bring the best out of each ingredient and will be found only at TeaTalk.

Our team at TeaTalk make a great effort in making every tea a revolutionize, sensual experience! The appearance of each tea look great, infusions relate to the true story of its taste!

Our promise: a cup famous for its taste from a country famous for its tea!

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Tea

Chamara Udugama

Founder/ CEO