Factory Tour

Make Every Moment of TeaTalk

If you have the opportunity to visit our beautiful hometown of Galle, Sri Lanka be sure to Make Every Moment of TeaTalk with a trip to our amazing tea factory. There’s so much to see and do!

Free Tours– visit the plantation and see how our Green Leaf from the Plant Camelia sinensis is plucked and brought to the factory for manufacturing the world renowned black tea. Then see how the green leaf is withered, rolled, fermented before its being dried by using green bio fuel. (we do not use any fossil fuels for tea manufacture! A truly sustainable and green manufacturing process!)

Then the teas are sifted, and colour sorted before its being packaged and shipped, then enjoy free samples of every tea we make and discover our gallery of original artwork from our famous tea cartons.

The height of your visit is the Tea tasting session we carry out with the in-house Tea Tasters who would oblige to answer any of your questions.

Tea Shop & Lounge

Browse our extensive selection of Teas for every mood and every event!

This includes Gift for your loved ones, Teas for your daily use, Many varieties of local spices, Spice Mixes and Local Rice Varieties.

Make a prior appointment to learn local cooking!

Enjoy a mouthwatering breakfast or lunch in a welcoming environment.

Out Door Activities

Hire a Bicycle from us and exploere the village (60minutes) to learn about Rice cultivation, Rubber Plantation and tapping the Latex, Oil palm and visit a local temple and Beautiful sceneries.

And/ or learn archery and practice by yourself a truly Olympic Sport.

Visit Rain Forest- Kanneliya and Sinharaja Virgin Rain Forest Day Tours. Contact us for further details.