What is ‘Nahinigala’ Tea Factory ?

This is a state of the art Tea manufacturing Facility fully owned and operated by the owners of TeaTalk. For smooth operation Nahinigala Tea Factory is registered under the name style and firm of Southern Tea Producers (Pvt) Limited. The Registration No. given by the Sri Lanka Tea Board is MF1384 and it is classified under the Low Grown Category. Nahinigala Tea Factory is located in Nahingala Estate, Wanduramba, Galle. Tel- +94-91-5675088/488

What is TeaTalk ?

This is the Brand of our Tea sold all over the world. TeaTalk (Pvt) Limited has the Intellectual Property Rights for their brand. TeaTalk operates Tea Lounge and Villas in many cities.

What is TeaTalk Lounge ?

The place that you can sit and relax, enjoy tea and food and buy your Tea.

What is TeaTalk Villa ?

The Boutique type Accommodations provided by TeaTalk.

Can we visit Nahinigala Tea Factory ?

Yes you can. We also have a TeaTalk Lounge & Villa at the same premises.

Can we Taste Tea before buying them ?

Yes. We encourage all our Guests to taste Tea before actual purchase.

Yes. We encourage all our Guests to taste Tea before actual purchase.

How much does Tea Tasting cost at TeaTalk ?

It’s Free! At TeaTalk we encourage you to try our wide selection of Tea. Share your thoughts with your friends and loved ones and the public.

Can we have food at TeaTalk ?

Yes.Both Tea Lounge & Villa is equipped to serve food.

Our Story

The company has been guided by an entrepreneurial spirit of Chamara Udugama & his wife Ruvini turned their dreams of providing pure Ceylon tea – symbol of quality to all the Tea Lovers!

It all started more than a decade ago when they decided to take up Tea Growing and Manufacture leaving aside a comfortable employment. The newest addition to their Manufacturing Facility in 2003 is Nahinigala which is in the Village of Wanduramba, Galle*, in Sri Lanka. (Ceylon) District.

Entrepreneurship is all about Innovation. Innovation is all about Dreams.

‘Tea Talk –Pure Ceylon Tea’ brand is created in order to conquer the world by providing most popular beverage in finest quality. We introduce our customers to different textures, aromas, infusions, liquor (taste) and many benefits the tea can offer! Enjoy our Tea tasting sessions!

‘Tea Talk Café a place to buy your favorite Tea Blend and Enjoy Many Varieties of Tea and a quick snack. Come with your friends to……. Chat, Relax, Bourse, Read, Listen, Eat, Drink…… a few things you can do at our Tea Talk Café.

We promise a perfect ambience to all the lovely people!

Sip, Enjoy, Relax!


*UNESCO world heritage site