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Service to our people and our planet.

Welcome to the Page that serves our People and Our Planet.

For well over 125 years Tea has been growing in Sri Lanka. We provide all natural tea to our customers in sustainable packaging. We use sustainable manufacturing practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Action

At Tea Talk we use only100% pure Ceylon Tea that are produced using Sustainable Manufacturing Practices. When needed we buy our raw materials (green leaf, other spices, rice etc.) directly from the farmers who practice Sustainable Agriculture.

In keeping with our passion of servicing the community we selected local farmers who were in need of some special support to lure their family income. We provided them with tea plants and advisory service to make their tea gardens generate maximum profit for the entire family,

Women Empowerment

When providing the payments for the green leaf supply and other raw materials purchase from the local farmers, we encourage the household to nominate a female to remit the income. This way we believe the income is spent methodically for house hold activities.

Our Passion

The promise of Tea Talk –Pure Ceylon Tea is doing business the right way- from the farm to the consumer.

We are a zero waste company where all the waste and discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use. We design and mange products and processes systematically avoid and eliminate the volume of waste.

Carbon Neutral

Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Sustainable Manufacturing.

Rain Water Harvesting

Ethical Tea Partnership