Quality Control Statement

Most of the teas we pack are manufactured in our own Tea Factory ‘Nahinigala’ situated in Galle, Sri Lanka. We are a ISO 22000 Certified Factory.

Our own Plantation and Factory practice ‘Zero Waste’ policy. Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Sustainable Manufacturing are the key statements we practice on a daily basis.

The Sri Lanka Tea Board has selected our Tea Factory for the ‘Ceylon Tea Quality Certificate’ a rare opportunity for any manufacturer to obtain.

We get leaf from the smallholder farmers in nearby villages. We visit them frequently and advice on sustainable farming. Most farmers carry the leaf by themselves. For the others we help them to transport leaf on a daily basis with minimal post harvest damage.

Our supply chain is closely monitored and from Planting to Manufacturing and Packing is exclusively handled by us!

We use utmost care in selecting ingredients and packing material to pack our teas. We welcome all our guests to see how your favorite teas is grown, made and packed.

Enjoy TeaTalk- Pure Ceylon Tea