Coconut & Cinnamon – 85g Loose Tea

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Fruit Tea | Coconut & Cinnamon
85g Loose Tea | USD 3.90/unit

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Coconut & Cinnamon – 85g Loose Tea | USD 3.90/unit

Coconut & Cinnamon

A tree that provides all the necessities of life, Coconut is known as the palm of life. We now combine coconut with cinnamon from our own farm to bring you a heavenly blend of tea like none other.

The creamy white flesh of the coconut contains fatty acids that reduce weight, improved heart and brain function and provides a quick energy boost, among other health benefits. Meld this with the invigorating sweetness of cinnamon, renowned for its powerful medicinal properties and you have a potent concoction of tea in your cup.

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