Jaffna Mango – 85g Loose Tea

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Fruit Tea | Jaffna Mango
85g Loose Tea | USD 3.90/unit

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Jaffna Mango – 85g Loose Tea | USD 3.90/unit

Jaffna Mango

Did you know that according to ancient Sanskrit literature, the mango is a mystical symbol of eternal love? You simply have to taste our tea to understand if this is true. Be adventurous, and take a sip of our lovely mango-flavoured Pure Ceylon Tea to realise the wisdom of those olden-day scribes.

Here in this pack, discover the refreshing flavour of mango combined with Carbon Neutral Certified FBOP Black Tea produced at our very own Nahinigala Tea Factory. Feel the tang of delicious pieces of mango and Marigold flowers that combine to produce a revitalising cup of tea… high in antioxidants and bursting with flavour!

Let the sweet aromatic taste of our speciality Sri Lankan mangoes found only in the Jaffna region take you on a delicious adventure of fun and frolic. And as you relish the nourishing goodness of our tea, don’t forget to share a smile of joy with your mango friends…

Tea time has never been more fun!

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