Soursop – 85g Loose Tea

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Fruit Tea | Soursop
85g Loose Tea | USD 3.90/unit

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Soursop – 85g Loose Tea | USD 3.90/unit


Sip your way through the hot days of summer with this unusual, yet delightful blend of soursop and tea. With its sweet flesh and distinctive flavour, soursop fruit is usually used to make juice, candy, sorbet and ice cream; but now, we have gone further to bring you soursop with tea.

Known for its ability to prevent cancer, the soursop fruit is gaining a following all over the world for also treating stomach ailments, hypertension and rheumatism. Combined with Carbon Neutral Certified FBOP Black Tea produced at our very own Nahinigala Tea Factory, this fine blend of soursop tea comes with the promise of rejuvenating, refreshing and relaxing you anytime.

Let the sweet piquant taste of soursop invigorate you as you prepare to unwind after a hard day of work. This fruity infusion that conjures up the flavours of a faraway island is sure to take you on a journey full of enjoyment.

Tea time has never been more fun!

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