Golden Tips – Loose Tea 50g

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Golden Tips Special
The special golden tips are a well fermented tea. It contains only the gold colour tips which gives aphrodisiac effect when consumed.

Nahinigala Watte Series Tea – Golden Tips

Loose Tea 50g – USD 19.50/unit

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Nahinigala Watte Series Tea | Golden Tips – Loose Tea 50g | USD 19.50/unit

Watte Series (Single Estate Teas) | Nahinigala Watte

The tea we produce is brought to you with love. Our love for the environment, our people and our tea garden ensures that the single-origin hand-plucked tea that is packed in this container is simply the best in the world. Take a sip, enjoy and step in to a journey which would lead you to our tea garden that is picturesquely placed in the south of emerald isle Sri Lanka.

Renowned for its beaches and fortified city, you have now arrived in Galle where our carbon-neutral certified manufacturing facility is nestled amongst the greenery of our very own tea garden. And if you are a connoisseur of tea, you are sure to relish the diverse range of colours, leaf sizes, aromas, appearances and tastes that our many grades of tea bring to you.

We invite you to indulge in Nahinigala Watte Series Pure Ceylon Tea… our gift of love to the world.

Chamara Udugama

Master Teaologist / Founder & CEO of TeaTalk

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