Dimbula – Six Region – 75g Loose Tea

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Dimbula – Six Region
75g Loose Tea
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Dimbula – Six Region – 75g Loose Tea | USD 4.77/Unit

Dimbula – Refreshingly Mellow | BOP

Named after the famous valley that lies right at the heart of the tea-growing district of Dimbula, there are more than a few reasons for you to fall in love with the teas from this region.

The high-grown tea you find in this pack was produced in the first few months of the year and hails from the Dimbula Valley which is located 5000 feet above sea level. The higher the elevation at which the tea is picked, the more prominent will be the brightness and freshness of the liquor.

Prized for its distinct character, here is a refreshingly mellow tea which attains a fine golden-orange hue in the cup with a fresh flavour that leaves a crisp feeling in your mouth; a thirst for more of that delectable taste.

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