Ruhuna – Six Region – 75g Loose Tea

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Ruhuna – Six Region
75g Loose Tea
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Ruhuna – Six Region – 75g Loose Tea | USD 4.77/Unit

Ruhuna – Distinctively Unique | FBOP Extra Special

Rich in history and legend, tea-growing southern district Ruhuna of Sri Lanka yields many relics of ancient Sinhalese civilization. This retreat of famous King Dutugemunu is synonymous with resistance against tyrant kings and foreign invaders.

With the first tea estates established as recently as in 1900, tea is relatively new to this region. But now with its own characterful varieties, Ruhuna stands out as one of the key tea-producing districts of Sri Lanka.

Blackness to its leaf together with strength and character to the cup. With its soothing sweet taste, Ruhuna teas when served straight, energise you to face each new day with added vigour.

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