Sabaragamuwa – Six Region – 75g Loose Tea

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Sabaragamuwa – Six Region
75g Loose Tea
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Sabaragamuwa – Six Region – 75g Loose Tea | USD 4.77/Unit

Sabaragamuwa- Extremely Stylish | OP1

A district famous for its gems and precious stones has become home to low-grown Sabaragamuwa tea. First among this region’s many places of interest stands Adam’s Peak, at the summit of which an intricately-decorated giant footprint is found carved into rock.

Rich with many indigenous flora and fauna, Sabaragamuwa’s picturesque landscape is marked by tea bushes that spread across the vast terrain. Cloud-encircled forests and grassy plains endemic to this region give life to a tea that is every bit as diverse as the land that produces it.

Dark yellow-brown with a reddish tint in the dry season, this long wiry well-twisted tea offers a distinct beverage with malty sweet character and a deep orange colour. Extremely stylish by its very essence, Sabaragamuwa tea awaits in this pack to enthrall you with its magic.

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