Uva – Six Region – 75g Loose Tea

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Uva – Six Region
75g Loose Tea
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Uva – Six Region – 75g Loose Tea | USD 4.77/Unit

Uva – Exotically Aromatic | PEKOE

Cut off and laid back, the remote Uva province sprung into prominence with the advent of tea during the colonial era. This part of the island, which was as thinly populated during ancient times as it is today, was a refuge for fugitive princes and satraps of the kings of Kandy during Sri Lanka’s mediaeval period.

The steep mountainous terrain and gushing winds of this region breath in an exceptional character and flavour to Uva tea that is highly prized by tea connoisseurs all over the world.

This region produces a leaf that is blackened by withering to emit a mellow smooth taste that has subtle variations depending on the month that the leaves are harvested. Taste the tea in this pack and join the many lovers of this exotically aromatic beverage.

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