Cinnamon & Salacia Special – 20 Tea Bags Box

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Cinnamon & Salacia Special – Tisanes / Herbal Tea
Tea Bags – 20 Pyramid Type Tea Bags x 2.5g – Box
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Cinnamon & Salacia Special – Tea Bags – 20 Pyramid Type Tea Bags x 2.5g – Box | USD 3.30/Unit

Tisanes by TeaTalk | Cinnamon &Salacia Special

Blending the local tradition of indigenous medicine and an Innovative Tea Blend creates‘Cinnamon&Salacia Special’’.

We’ve combined Pure Ceylon Cinnamon from our own plantation- Nahinigala and Salacia (KothalaHimbutu)from local farmers with this exquisite tea blend in innovating this tisane.

ChamaraUdugama- Master Teaologist/CEO TeaTalk

Fairly bright greenish infusion which represents the liquor, character & the appearance of the tea.Incredibly aromatic, unique Tea perfectly blended to sooth all your senses!

All Natural:
This product contains all-natural ingredients only. No colors, flavors or preservatives.

Pure Ceylon Tea (Camellia sinensis), Pure Ceylon Cinnamom (Cinnamomunzeylanicum), KotalaHimbutu (Salaciareticulata)

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